This is a very busy week for local delis and bagel shops, as people mark the end of the Jewish High Holidays (and a day of fasting for some) with platters of bagels, cream cheese and assorted fish. Stephanie Kavadoy, director of operations at Rockville’s Bagel City, says she’s seen a lot of changes in the 17 years she’s been preparing these trays — primarily the decline in requests for traditional items like belly lox, kippered salmon, sable and creamed herring. “The only people who ask for these things now are the older generation and the New York crowd,” she says. “People under 40 haven’t been trained to eat these things. They think sable is slimy. They won’t eat whole whitefish, just whitefish salad. If it doesn’t look attractive, they don’t want to try it. They just want a good, clean, pretty slice of nova.” For more on this topic, click here to read our article in Washington Jewish Week.