Store Reporter has been testing out the Microsoft Band, a fitness tracker/smartwatch that’s expected to be one of this year’s hot gifts at the newly opened Microsoft Store. The $199.99 gadget, which the store gave us to review, can count your steps, monitor your heart rate, navigate your running route, offer a weather forecast and analyze your sleeping patterns. It also promises to integrate with your phone (even the ones from Apple and Samsung), adding the ability to check texts and emails from your wrist. We found that last part to be a challenge, as we weren’t able to maintain consistent connectivity with our iPhone. But as a fitness aide and general window into tracking your everyday health, we also found a lot to like — including a running total of calories burned and guided workouts that buzz your wrist when it’s time to change from squats to lunges. Click here for more information on the Microsoft Band, or check it out in person at the Microsoft Store, Westfield Montgomery Mall, 7101 Democracy Blvd.