In case you haven’t heard, vinyl is back in a big way this year. While sales of CDs and digital music are suffering, vinyl records are continuing a four-year upswing: In fact, last week was the second-highest week for vinyl sales since 1991. If you know an adult who’s still holding onto a favorite record collection — or a teen who’s just starting one — this might be the year to buy a new turntable. You can find them everywhere, from Nordstrom to Target to the $98 one shown here at hipster hangout Urban Outfitters. (Click here for details, and click here for our Nov. 6 issue to read more on Urban’s role in the vinyl craze.) And for those who want to turn back the clock even further, we recently spotted the charming Gramophone for iPhone ($199) at Restoration Hardware on Wisconsin Avenue NW. With a solid wood base and a speaker horn that replicates the ones from decades ago, this Gramophone amplifies sound with the power of pure physics — no electricity involved. Click here or stop at a Restoration Hardware store in D.C. or Tysons Corner to check it out for yourself.