Printed leggings are trending at local gyms this winter as women dare to ditch their black pants for bold graphics in vivid shades. At the forefront of this trend is LavaLoka (formerly known as HotPants), a three-year-old line of brightly colored activewear from Potomac entrepreneur Amy Pascal. “The black pants thing is so boring, but it’s a comfort zone that’s hard for many women to get out of,” says Pascal, who sells primarily at boutique shows and online ( Pascal says the trend was first embraced in cities like New York, Miami and L.A. — but it’s clearly catching on in the D.C. area, where women are wearing their eye-popping workout pants everywhere from Starbucks to the supermarket. “It’s all about being comfortable and expressing your individuality,” Pascal says. “People like being able to take their look from the gym to the street.”