got some extra competition this month as Target upped the price-matching ante and online newcomer dropped its plans to charge for membership. Target stores and are now promising to price-match comparable items from a long list of retailers including Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples, Walmart, and even warehouse clubs Costco and Sam’s Club. Check your phone to compare prices while shopping in the store, or come back within 14 days if you find a lower price at any retailer on this list. As for — an online retailer that launched this fall as a direct competitor to Amazon — the young company now says its customers are filling their shopping carts much more quickly than expected… so never mind about that $50 membership fee, it won’t be necessary after all. Jet doesn’t promise two-day delivery à la Amazon Prime, but it’s not charging $99 a year for membership either — and a quick search shows that Jet’s prices often beat Amazon’s by 10 percent or more. So if you’re ordering stuff that you don’t really need in the next 48 hours — even if you already belong to Amazon Prime — it may pay to take Jet for a spin.