Now that the hot weather is officially here, Starbucks has rolled out two summertime drinks from its Teavana line: Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade and Peach Green Tea Lemonade. Soon the menu will also include hand-crafted sodas mixed to order in snazzy new Fizzio machines, which arrived in Starbucks’ southern stores this week. It’s all part of the chain’s plan to diversify its drink menu beyond coffee. Reception to the Teavana line has been largely positive, local baristas tell us — except for the Oprah Chai Teas, which don’t seem to be doing much business. Of course, drink trends can vary quite a bit from store to store. At the Starbucks in Congressional Plaza, for example, iced coffee is king. But at Westfield Montgomery Mall home to roving mobs of teen girls — it’s all about the Frappuccino.