Moby Dick House of Kabob has opened its doors at 9812 Falls Road, ending the winter-long wait for Potomac Villagers who’ve been hungry for some new food options. The tiny restaurant, which once housed a toy store, can seat about 30 people but will likely do most of its business from takeout. Moby Dick exec Ned Daryoush, who runs the restaurant chain with father Mike, says he hopes diners will look beyond kabobs and check out some of the lesser-known traditional Persian dishes. He recommends the weekday lunchtime specials, including khoresht gheymeh (eggplant and beef stew with peas and onions) and ghomeh sabzi (herb beef stew with cilantro, parsley, red beans and leeks). “These dishes are very laborious to make, so we serve a limited supply every day,” he says. “Once they’re gone, they’re gone.” To check out the menu for yourself, click here.