Big news on the fitness front this week: Lululemon and Peloton have decided to stop competing and start playing on the same team. Under the terms of a new five-year partnership agreement, Lululemon will phase out its digital fitness app and switch its subscribers over to Peloton’s online classes. The two companies also are launching a co-branded clothing line, which some Peloton instructors will cross-promote as Lululemon ambassadors. This is the second time Lululemon and Peloton have tried to collaborate on fitness wear. The first attempt fell apart, after which Peloton launched its own clothing line and Lululemon ended up suing for copyright infringement. Now that the two companies are partnering once again, there does appear to be one casualty of their alliance: The Mirror interactive fitness system. Lululemon paid $500 million for the Mirror in an ill-fated 2020 acquisition, but the product never really took off and Lululemon says it will soon discontinue sales.