Roy Rogers, the fast-food chain that holds fond memories for many locals, will make its Rockville comeback next month with the opening of a new restaurant on the Pike across from Marlo Furniture. “We haven’t been in this area since the ’80s, and we’ve had a really warm response when people hear we’re coming back,” says Carrie Isabell, director of marketing for the Frederick-based company. Founded by Marriott Corp. in the late 1960s, Roy Rogers once had more than 600 locations featuring images of the singing cowboy movie star and a western-themed menu of roast beef, burgers, chicken, coleslaw and baked beans. But the company was decimated over the years by a series of ownership changes, and Roy Rogers was on a sad trail to irrelevance when it was scooped up in the ’90s by the family of the Marriott exec who originally developed it. The Rockville restaurant will be number 50 for the current owners, who hope to open 50 more in the next five years. For those who didn’t grow up on Roy Rogers, Isabell says the quality of the restaurant’s food may come as a surprise. “We’re not like the McDonald’s and Burger Kings of the world,” she says. “We put ourselves in the fast-casual category, right in there with Chick-fil-A and Chipotle.” Click here for more on Roy Rogers.