After the demise of River Falls Market in October, several key staffers quickly found jobs across the street at the recently opened Potomac Grocer (10107 River Road). Among those who made the switch are executive chef Steven Fela; meat and seafood specialist Michael “Junior” Turgott; and most recently, general manager Max Devens. “This area feels like home to me,” says Devens, who spent the intervening months working at the D.C. market Wagshal’s. “Since I’ve come back to Potomac Village, the reception I’ve gotten from customers has made this one of the most heartwarming times of my life.” With the reopening of River Falls, it will be interesting to watch how customer loyalties play out now that so many have switched their business over to Potomac Grocer. They’ve been coming not only for the familiar staff, but also for the familiar recipes — which apparently will now be prepared similarly at both stores.