Is Dawson’s Market making a comeback at Rockville Town Square? It certainly looks that way. When we stopped by this week, the lights were on and longtime manager Bart Yablonsky could be seen sprucing up inside. No one is talking on the record yet, but we’re hearing that Yablonsky has worked out a deal to reopen the market under a new ownership structure. The uproar over Dawson’s recent closing — and the town meetings and brainstorming sessions that followed — might finally mark a turning point for the long-troubled development. The Russian restaurant Samovar, which faced an uncertain future after sustaining water damage earlier this year, is now expected to reopen. Meanwhile, other tenants tell us they’re starting to feel more optimistic about the Square’s future. (Editor’s note: A day after we published this issue, Dawson’s Market confirmed that they will in fact reopen in mid-December. Watch for a follow-up in next week’s Store Reporter.