ArcLight, opening Nov. 7 at Westfield Montgomery Mall, is a California-based company with roots in the movie industry and a dedication to showing films the way their directors intended. Each screening will start with a live “greeter” offering details about the movie and a reminder about cell phone etiquette. Commercials are banned. Trailers are limited. Late arrivals are not permitted. And great care is taken to reduce distractions from ambient light and sound. Q&A’s with actors and directors, which are hosted periodically at ArcLight’s California theaters, will be live-streamed to the Bethesda location. “After the movie ends and the lights come up, the audience here will be able to live-tweet questions to the moderators,” says ArcLight VP Gretchen McCourt. “We love things that give our guests a deeper look into moviemaking.” Click here for details on ArcLight, and see our Facebook page here for a look at some photos from our preview tour.