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Store Reporter offers a variety of advertising and promotional opportunities to bring your business to the attention of our readers — an affluent, highly educated group who live, dine and shop in greater Potomac, Rockville and Bethesda, Maryland. Our advertising options can be tailored to fit the needs of your business and your budget. For details, contact



Full-Sized Display Ads:

Our full-sized display ads are similar to what you’d see in a magazine or newspaper, with the added bonus of a link to your website, your Facebook page, or even a commercial or other video. You supply the image (ask us for specs) or we can design one for you.

















Small Display Ads:

Our small ads are designed and priced for small businesses, offering a brief listing of a sale, special event or other happening along with a weblink.




Sponsored Posts, Coupons and Giveaway Contests

We’ll interview you and write a brief feature about your business or something specific you’d like to publicize: a new line at your store, new menu item at your restaurant, upcoming sale or event, etc. Or you can opt for a coupon, special offer or merchandise giveaway contest (which we’ll run for you). These promos run inline with our regular news items, with the label “sponsored content.” We also can add a follow-up mailing with a special offer for your contestants and/or a targeted segment of our database.





Store Reporter Services Directory

Our guide to recommended local services, from car repair and dog walkers to home repair services and realtors you can trust. Own a business that belongs in our services directory? For details, contact us at


All advertising fees are due prior to publication and can be paid by check, credit card or Paypal, made out to Heimlich Group LLC. Interested in learning more? Contact


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