D.C. caterer Helen Wasserman is eyeing a July 4 opening for Helen’s Bar & Grill, her new restaurant in the former Addie’s location on Rockville Pike. Addie’s was  the first venture for local restaurateurs Jeff and Barbara Black, who earned a loyal following there from 1995 to 2013. Enter Wasserman, who owned a restaurant in the ’80s and wanted to get back in the business after 35 years of catering. “I live just down the street from Addie’s, and when the location came up I thought it was perfect,” she says. The century-old building is undergoing a complete makeover, including the transformation of its famous yellow facade to a muted palette of grey, white and plum. The menu will draw on Wasserman’s favorite catering recipes, with a focus on Mediterranean, Asian and southern dishes. “At lunch we’re going to offer a $15 special with entree, salad, dessert and non-alcoholic drinks,” she says. “I want to make sure that it’s not too high-end, because I want people to come back a lot.”