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Free chips and queso at California Tortilla:



Food and drinks at California Tortilla 

Store Reporter readers Michael Goozh and Marcy Trost each one a pair of fresh entrees, drinks and sides at California Tortilla



Rent stars live at Strathmore 

Store Reporter readers Gail Hyman and Dara Baylinson won our tickets for Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, two of the original stars of Rent



Chuy's platters


Dinner for four at Chuy’s

We asked our readers to vote for their favorite new restaurants in the Rockville/Potomac area — and Hillary Benson of Potomac won our drawing for dinner for a family dinner at Chuy’s on Rockville Pike.



Pieology pizza



$50 Pieology gift cards

Store Reporter readers Scott Goff, Mark Hamrick, Marilyn Grafman and Amy Wollins each won $50 for pizza at Pieology on Shady Grove Road.


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